Salsa Labs has one of the leading software suites for nonprofit and social good organizations. After a 2015 merger with DonorPro, Salsa Labs had two main platforms, one built upon a constituent relationship management system, and one built upon a digital marketing system with add-on modules for fundraising, peer-to-peer and advocacy.

They built a bridge between the two platforms, allowing them to offer several combinations of the above tools. This diversity was also the biggest challenge: How do you market a tool that inherently includes a multitude of features that may not be applicable to any individual prospect?

I was brought in to reboot the marketing team, put together a marketing plan, redesign the website, launch a paid search program and improve overall conversion. Most importantly, my primary task was to drive more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and decrease the acquisition costs thereof.


The scope of my efforts is certainly a larger discussion than is appropriate for this document, so I will limit it to a single topic: Webinars.

We needed a way to showcase our diverse feature set to the maximum number of potential customers. My team instituted a regular cadence of webinars around topical events that spoke directly to our target audience.

Webinars can be a tricky business. The key is to walk the fine line between being informational and being promotional. The information we presented was always applicable to our audience regardless of the software they were using. We selected topics that were relevant and timely, walked through best practices, discussed future industry trends and challenges, provided worksheets and checklists and gave out plenty of tips and tricks along the way.

Of course, throughout it all, we demonstrated using our software, showcasing the strength of our platform, and allowed plenty of time for questions at the end. We would also ask a series of questions during the webinar, and compile the results as another reason to get back in front of the attendees.

We would also offer free one-on-one consultations where one of our in-house experts would learn more about a specific prospect’s situation, processes and results. If we felt that we could improve their results with our tools, we would continue the conversation, otherwise, we would point them to our complete library of ebooks, tips and videos.


After we adjusted the content of our webinars to be more informational and less promotional, webinar-influenced SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) increased 5.7x year over year while webinar-influenced sales revenue rose an incredible 15x!