Embarcadero Technologies developed a process that allowed us to package up pre-existing Windows applications into single-file "apps" that were virtual file systems. This technology helped alleviate the problems associated with the installation and distribution of applications in an enterprise environment, allowed for centralized license management, and removed the conflicts that arose when multiple progrsms were competing for control of the same file types.

The catch was that this was a complicated story to tell. Customers did not immediately understand the benefits of of the technology nor how it would work within their enterprise.


My team built a proof-of-concept app store to showcase AppWave technology. We worked with dozens of independent software vendors to package free and paid applications for distribution through the AppWave store. We chose a cross-section of applications including small utilities, larger office suites and even games to fully vet the technology.

The store we developed ran off of a PHP/MySQL backend with a heavily-modified Magento front-end. For credit-card processing, I negotiated a contract with a third-party credit card processor to develop a new process whereby they would handle the transactions, but we would maintain a customer token locally. This would allow us to implement the one-click buying experience that customers were clamoring for.

"AppWave saves time; I’ve gained 2-3 hours per week by not having to install software and updates on machines. Because I don't have to update individual desktops or manage licenses, I can focus on other strategic projects. Downloading and installing applications was a big hassle before. That hassle is removed with AppWave."
- Randy Zickert - Engineer, Allianz Global Investors Capital


The learnings we gained through this process helped us improve the product and better position it for our intended audience. We ultimately pursued two distinct markets: Internal licensing and deployment of Embarcadero products within an enterprise, and white-label app stores for large ISVs and telecoms.