In 2007, Kelley Blue Book signed a deal with Autotrader to send up to 100,000 customers into Autotrader's used car listing product. When the contract came up for renewal in 2008, Autotrader indicated that they would be willing to pay for up to 1 million leads if we would simultaneously improve our lead quality, which was measured by closing rate.


The first thing my team did was analyze site traffic patterns using Omniture (now Adobe SiteCatalyst) to identify key points where we had sufficient, relevant traffic to implement some sort of jump-off to Autotrader. We then designed multiple calls to action and added unique tracking codes to each combination of location and CTA, and measured the results of each via Offermatica (now Adobe Target), joined with data from Autotrader on conversions.


Within two months, it was clear that we were on track to deliver 2 million customers to Autotrader. We renegotiated our contract and split the difference, agreeing to 1.5 million leads at an even higher quality rate. We removed the lowest performing links, and implemented daily and monthly caps to ensure that we would meet our target.